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4D Testing Solutions is a State of Ohio registered Women Owned Business (WOB). This simply means “A business that is at least 51 percent owned by one or more women; or, in the case of any publicly owned business, at least 51 percent of the stock of which is owned by one or more women; and in which management and daily business operations must be controlled by one or more women.” 4D Testing Solutions is the only woman owned and managed package testing facility on the globe!

Woman Owned Business Advantages

Federal agencies and federal contractors are always seeking to hire a woman owned business for subcontracting federal contracts. We are certified and have experience fulfilling this need with distribution package and product testing services.

4D Testing Solutions, Inc. is located in Mason, OH. The business is a testing facility for the Packaging Industry. Our Women Owned Business (WOB) offers solutions to ensure that your packages endure the distribution environment.

  • Federal agencies and federal contractors are always seeking woman owned businesses for subcontracting federal contracts. We are certified and have experience fulfilling this need with package & product testing services.
  • 4D Testing Solutions, Inc. is located in Mason, OH. The business is a testing facility for Packaging and Product Fragility Assessment. We offer solutions to ensure that your packaging systems protect your products and endure the distribution environments.
  • 4D Testing Solutions is known for its quick turnaround, transportation services, and set-up/repackaging capabilities. We provide Vibration Tests, Compression Tests, Shock & Drop Tests, Tensile Testing, Climatic Condition Tests, and Custom Data Acquisition.
  • 4D has recently been able to invest in more and better equipment that can test the environment (temperature/humidity). This has led to more informed and happy clients!
  • Amazon certified! (registered vendor)
  • ISTA Certified Testing Laboratory, (Guidelines by the International Safe Transit Association) and as an ASTM International Member (American Society for Testing and Materials).
  • Yes, Amiee is the ONLY woman in the world that owns a product distribution testing facility.
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Introducing Amiee Dayton

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Amiee grew up as a typical “Military brat” (military slang). Her family moved every 3 years across the globe, and across the United States. One thing is for sure, Amiee’s parents taught her to pay attention to all details and to make smart decisions. Her determination led to a career in special education, testing laboratory entrepreneur, and nursing professional.

Amiee earned her teaching degree and taught for 25 years in California. She then moved to Ohio to support her husband’s career opportunities and became involved in the packaging industry.

Amiee’s husband Donald told her that his place of employment, an up and coming package and product testing laboratory, was available to purchase. Aimee decided to sell her California property and purchase the package testing business in 2017. Amiee and her crew have grown her Ohio based Packaging and Product Testing Business exponentially.

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Having Fun Making a Difference

Women Owned Business

Everyone loves to get a package in the mail. Damaged goods are no fun, but rather a source of frustration, disappointment, and expense. The package testing services ensure that goods arrive as they should, in great condition. Manufacturers appreciate that their damaged goods reduce greatly, and thus the cost of goods sold decreases. Aimee understands this goal!

Amiee is a hands-on, Woman Owned Business owner and manager.

Amiee enjoys it when she can personally write up the package testing final report for her clients. Amiee and her team of engineers produce for the clients proof of packaging success. This comes with a feeling of pride, knowing her team succeeded in a job well done.

Of course, Amiee still faces challenges as a woman in the packaging testing industry with recognition and taking her business role seriously. Those that have met Amiee understand her determination to pay attention to the details and make smart decisions. She clearly has fun making a difference for her clients that ship product.

The clients at 4D Testing Solutions in Mason Ohio have learned to take Amiee and her leadership team seriously. We have a passion for excellence and attention to detail. Call Amiee and her team soon to schedule an opportunity to meet with the product packaging testing team at 4D Testing Solutions. You’ll hear our smiles across the phone.