Packaging Engineering Resource

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The 4D Testing structural engineers work with some wonderful custom shipping box designers where form and function are outstanding.

We coordinate the prototype solution package and run testing at our Mason Ohio facility with design service vendors. You will appreciate the efforts we take to give you confidence that your package will perform in production, throughout distribution, and in the retail environment.

Thinking Inside The Box

Having your products arrive at their destination looking to be in excellent condition is a wonderful thing. However, what is inside the box matters the most. Well-designed packaging material is vital. We have experience and resources to recommend packaging materials that are recyclable and functional. Taking care of our globe is important, so material innovation and sustainability are always considered when making protective packaging and display creation choices.

  • Paper-based Packages such as Paper-Board or Sugar Cane
  • Sustainable Molded Fiber or Molded Felt Selections
  • Flexible Films such as Stretch & Shrink Films, Flexible Plastic Packages, Paper & Plastic bags, Bubble Wrap®
  • Cushioning Materials such as Molded Pulp, Thermoform Plastics, and Foam Cushions
  • Rigid Materials such as Wood, Glass, or Metal.

4D Testing works with many credible packaging personnel! If you happen to be seeking a referral for a custom shipping box packaging solution for your products, we’re who to turn to.