Drop Testing

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Save your wallet and reputation by implementing Drop Testing as part of your packaging and distribution cycle. Drops happen all throughout the distribution sequence even to a small parcel package. They fall off a conveyor, get dropped by manual handling, fall off tables and sometimes even fall out of delivery trucks.

Our drop testing machine releases the test specimen in a specific orientation. It hits the ground platen in that orientation, focusing on a repeatable sequence of those shocks. This will reveal how well the product is protected inside the outer container.

The optimal protective packaging system consists of knowing a product’s fragility level and providing adequate protection to circumstances that have any likelihood of damaging it. The contents and the protection within a package can provide resistance to damage when they are working together. The best way to know for sure that your packaging is optimal protection is to have it tested in a laboratory setting.

The Impact of Shock on Packages

Inner protective package damaged? We perform drop tests. However the “real” damage comes from sudden stops!

The 4D Testing Lab performs ASTM certified tests designed to evaluate how big of an impact your packaging can withstand.

Certified ASTM Drop Testing

At 4D Testing Solutions, Inc., in Mason Ohio – we have one goal in mind: to become the best customer-service-based product packaging testing facility available. Contact 4D Testing Solutions to discuss our certified ASTM drop testing services.