Packaging Compression Testing

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Performance testing using package compression testing equipment provides a uniform basis for evaluating in a laboratory the ability of shipping packages to withstand the distribution environment. The package compression testing methods facilitated at the 4D Testing laboratory in Mason Ohio determine the compressive resistance of shipping containers, components, and unit loads.

  • Package Compression Testing determines whether your packages will be compromised when stacked upon in the warehouse and transport environments.
  • The 4D Testing team has several certifications: ISTA, ASTM, and Company Specific Testing Protocol Authorizations; so you can feel comfortable knowing your products are packaged correctly and will remain in good condition.

Ultimate Compressive Strength – 4D Testing will determine the ultimate compressive strength of a material. We can provide the value of compressive stress reached when the material package fails completely.

Our 30,000 Pound Force Compression Testing Machine, capable of spreading open 88″ between the 60 X 60 Platens, with Extensions up to 60 X 120, we simulate stacking your products before and during distribution.

With an optional pallet on top of a single unit being tested, representing the bottom deck boards on top of the product, under it that is typically a real-world simulation.

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ISTA & ASTM Compression Testing

Industry-Specific Testing Standards – 4D Testing performs compression tests several times in accordance with the ISTA and the ASTM Designation 4169-16 standard practice protocols specified. We have PDFs available for your reference in the Package Tests web page, and invite you to read and download them.

How much compression can your packages withstand?

With over three decades of experience, we don’t just find problems; we find solutions that can remediate issues quickly, so you can get your merchandise moving. Contact the ASTM & ISTA Certified package testing engineers at 4D Testing in Mason Ohio to discuss solutions for your damaged packages.