Environmental Climatic Testing

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Environmental climatic testing is a process of subjecting test specimens to various temperature and humidity conditions to determine the effects. Climatic Testing is performed in an environmental chamber designed to maintain tight controls over both temperature and humidity, as well as the rates at which these may be changed. Our climatic chambers are able to replicate conditions of extreme temperatures and humidity levels to determine the endurance of the packaging and its contents in these elements.

Here at 4D Testing Solutions, we use our 400 square foot heat & humidity climatic testing chamber, as well as our 200 square foot deep freeze/refrigeration chamber to test for thermal performance and to ensure packaging integrity is not sacrificed.

  • High Humidity (High Dew Points)
  • Tropical Heat and Humidity
  • Sub Zero (down to -25 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Desert Heat (Up to 150 Degrees Fahrenheit)

Climatic Testing can be passive, such as using ice packs or include a power source. The 4D Testing Laboratory includes walk-in/drive-in refrigeration and a heating unit to test for thermal performance, to ensure product integrity is not sacrificed.

Climate Impact On Consumer Goods

Heat and Relative Humidity has a detrimental effect on corrugated and pulp packaging. We can evaluate your packaging and its contents through distribution hazard simulations that reveal how these elements may affect the performance of the protective packaging.

Freezing environmental conditions have an effect on plastic products and packaging that can be discovered through our distribution simulation testing. Attention to detail and frequent recording of results through pictures will make you feel the cold, like you were actually in the deep freeze with your goods.

We Use Climatic Chambers for Replication

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4D Testing Solutions, Inc. has the experience! We’ve seen real-world scenarios that seem intolerable for anything to endure. We can create these exaggerated atmospheric climatic conditioning elements to demonstrate your packages and their content’s performance.

Environmental Conditioning is commonly one of the first test processes to take place before the dynamics of shock, compression, and vibration simulations.

High temperatures and elevated relative humidity are common in certain parts of many countries’ distribution environments. It is necessary to find out what effects these elements have on packaged products. Paper-based packaging materials are hydroscopic and will change strength characteristics as they absorb or release moisture.

 We Test Products In Freezing Environmental Conditions

Freezing temperatures can be encountered in a cargo bay of aircraft any time of the year, as well as in a shipping container in the winter months. Some packaging components can become fragile and brittle during a sub-zero freezing episode.

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