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E-Commerce has made package shipments the new normal. Package testing is no longer optional. Packages must be able to stand up to whatever our transportation companies throw at them. Packaging ASTM and ISTA testing develop shipping package design standards that define how packages should perform to ensure the protection of their contents during the ever-changing risks of the global distribution environment.

Learn more about the certified and custom package testing services provided by 4D Testing Solutions. We are leaders in Packaging Durability Testing.

Random Vibration Package Testing

Packaging Compression Testing

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Incline Impact Testing

Environmental Climatic Testing

Amazon Ship Testing – SIOC & Over Boxing

Certified Package Testing Lab

4D Testing Solutions is a certified package testing lab in Mason Ohio, just north of Cincinnati Ohio. Our standard package testing capabilities include these recognized ISTA Testing. 4D is also recognized as ASTM D4169 Testing experts. Click on the ISTA blue link below to read and download the PDFs for specifications.

4D performs a full range of Standard Package Testing including these ISTA Testing Certifications to reveal potential damage risks and minimize damage in the shipping process.

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Fragile packaging is a concern throughout the handling, distribution, and storage process of a product life cycle. Contact an engineer at 4D Testing Solutions in Mason Ohio to discuss what type of package testing your products need.

Increase your corporate credibility and save money ensuring your customer base the industrial or retail products will arrive undamaged.

Save time and money – contact 4D Testing for your package testing needs.

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ISTA Testing Certifications

Click the PDFs to download specifications