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At 4D Testing Solutions, Inc., in Mason Ohio – we have one goal in mind: to become the best customer-service-based product packaging testing facility available. We’re here to answer your questions! Several of the most frequently asked questions are answered here. Contact us directly with specific questions, or to request a quote.

Q: What type of lead time can we expect for package testing?
A: The 4D Testing Solutions provides expert package testing with quick turnaround timing on reports. Our lead time is under 1-week from receipt of the test specimens to have your report sent to you.

Q: What Certification do you hold for package testing?
A: We are an ISTA Certified Testing Laboratory, an ASTM International Member and we’re members of IOPP.

Q: How much can your vibration table handle?
A: We can test items up to 8,000 lbs. on our 60″ X 96″ vibration table surface.

Q: What is your availability?
A: There is usually someone here 12 hours a day. if called a few hours before arrival, we can be here at anytime for a scheduled delivery,

Q: How many samples do I need to send in for an Amazon test?
A: Amazon requires 1 sample for nonfragile and non-liquid items, 5 test specimens will be needed if the product is fragile or liquid.

Q; what is the difference between SIOC and Overbox?
A: SIOC means Ships in its Own Container, Overbox is an item that Amazon packages for shipment into their box, which is called an “Overbox”.

Q; Who determines pass or fail of testing results?
A: The failure criteria is determined by the manufacturer or receiver of the shipped product.

Q; How much can your compression machine test up to?
A: Our compression tester can apply 30,000 pounds of force with a fixed head platen as well as under a floating head platen.

Q; What do you drop stuff on?
A: Under our drop tester swing arm is a robust steel plate mounted to the concrete floor.

Q; What does the incline impact test simulate?
A: When an ocean freight container is lifted off of a truck trailer frame or off of a railcar with a crane, it is maneuvered on the end of a cable and can frequently “bang” into another freight containers or fixed objects. That impact causes the cargo to shift into the walls of the container. It can also happen when a truck must stop quickly, cargo can shift abruptly then too.

Q; Do you help develop custom test protocols?
A: We can assist in guidance through the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), the American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM) and customer-specific test procedures to assemble a testing protocol that closely simulates your distribution environment challenges.

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