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Here at 4D Testing Solutions, we do what it takes to help your company maintain world-class distribution with quality products delivered on time. Contact 4D Testing to speak with a certified engineer about the testing solutions we provide.

E-Commerce has made package shipments the new normal.

  • 4D performs industry-specific ship tests according to the ASTM Designation 4169-16, standard practice protocols that define how packages should perform in transit.
  • 4D performs a full range of Standard Package Testing including these ISTA Testing Certifications to reveal potential damage risks and minimize damage in the shipping process.

Decades of Experience

We are proud to say that some of America’s leading manufacturers and shippers come to us time and again for our vast experience, our empirical methodologies, and our first-rate customer service. Come to us for your packaging testing; your customers will be glad that you did. With over three decades of experience, we don’t just find problems; we find solutions that can remediate issues quickly, so you can get your merchandise moving.

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